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Welcome to Muskegon Community College's Scholarship Applications and Search Website!  We have many scholarships available based on a variety of criteria including academic achievement, financial need, county of residency, and program of study.  You are welcome to explore our list of scholarships at any time.

In order to apply for scholarships at Muskegon Community College, you must be admitted to MCC in a degree-seeking program.


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You will receive an email confirmation when your application is complete.  When the scholarship committees have completed their selections, you will receive notification via MCC email regarding the outcome of your scholarship application(s).

*You must be a U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Eligible Non-Citizen (as defined by FAFSA) to apply for scholarships



The scholarship application is tailored to each student, based on the most current data the university has on file. The questions you are presented with will be based on this data. If you are planning to change any of your information, such as switching from one degree program to another, you should make the change before beginning the application. You would then need to wait one day for the system to update to the most current information.


If you are staff or a member of MCC please login using the below login button.

Review Committee

If you are a member of a scholarship committee and are not an employee of the university or the university foundation please login using the below login button.